Rehab Week is Coming – What You Should Know


Last week on September 8th was World Physical Therapy Day. It focused on “Adding Life to Years.” Now that it’s passed, let’s take a look at something as equally important and as passionate to us: Rehab Week.

National Rehabilitation Week (Rehab Week for short) is from September 18th-24th this year and is held by the National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation (NRAF). According to their website, NRAF’s mission is to educate people about the benefits and impact of rehabilitation, develop programs which aim to increase opportunities for the nearly fifty million Americans with disabilities, and help those who are disabled live up to their fullest potential.

There are many ways you as an individual or as an organization can do to celebrate this week that recognizes rehabilitative services and its impact on people. The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses provides this handy list for those wanting to participate.

The NRAF was established in 1996 by Allied Services, a not-for-profit integrated health system headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Allied Services, since 1976, has served as sponsors of National Rehabilitation Week (Rehab Week, for short), a nationwide celebration to educate people about the benefits of rehabilitation and the capabilities of people with disabilities.

Let’s get celebrating.


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Rehab Week is Coming – What You Should Know

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