How to Get Your Organization Involved with Rehab Week


Rehab Week is well underway and you’re thinking of last minute ways to pay tribute to rehab providers. Well, we got you covered. There are several easy ways to get your employees involved with this year’s Rehab Week celebration. From trivia day to training sessions, there is probably something you can easily whip up!


  • Hold a rehab trivia day to educate employees.
  • Honor rehab employees at a special recognition day.
  • Organize healthcare olympics among staff members.
  • Decorate with banners and posters.
  • Present awards to employees for outstanding service or contributions.
  • Hold a “Guess the Therapists Day” using old photos.
  • Treat patients or employees to a day of pampering, such as free back massage, manicures, etc.
  • Coordinate educational in-service training sessions.
  • Host a reunion of former patients.
  • Highlight a different rehab specialty area each day, such as physical therapy, rehab nursing, occupational therapy or speech pathology.
  • Publish special editions of corporate newsletters which focus on the national celebration.




This list was originally posted here.

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How to Get Your Organization Involved with Rehab Week

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